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ApplesIt’s last call for a fall adventure before winter takes over! Right around my November birthday, I usually drag my family on a fall trip or getaway to try something new and enjoy the outdoors. This weekend we ventured to lovely Warwick, NY, where I’ve never been to before. It’s only a little over an hour away from NYC. Just driving through, you see so much beautiful fall foliage in bright oranges and yellows, Brilliant Treeand also some that are starting to go past peak season. The town itself too has a gorgeous historic feel.Fall Scene

For apple picking, we stopped by Maskers Orchards where we got our fill of fall goodies. I admit I am late to the game as most orchards actually end their season on the last weekend of October. Even in this orchard, I could see that the trees do not have a lot of apples anymore, and there were quite a lot of apples on the ground. Apples on GroundOn the plus side, we avoided the crowds and and we still had more than enough sweet apples to fill our bag. Apple Tree ReachIt was a fun first-time apple picking experience, and I’m looking to go back next year during cherries and berries season. What I like about this orchard:Fall View

  • When you drive in, they give you bags to fill and each full bag is $25.95 so stuff it with as much as it can hold. This is pretty much the standard price among the orchards in the area, and while not cheap, I think it’s reasonable for what you get. Also, consider that you are using their property, free parking, no admission fee, and you are free to eat as many apples as you want while you are picking.
  • You are allowed to drive all around the orchard and you can pretty much park wherever you want to be close as possible to the trees you would like to pick apples from.  It also makes it easier not to carry heavy bags of apples while you are picking. The trees are labeled with the particular apple variety and if they are ripe.Unpicked Apples
  • This orchard has clean, real bathrooms with at least 5 toilet paper dispensers in each stall. Not having to use port-a-potties is a big plus in my book!
  • There are lots of picnic tables available and there are some spots by the trees where you can picnic if you like. The snack barn serves some pizza and hot dogs, and some excellent apple cider doughnuts, warm apple cider, apple pie and pumpkin pie. There’s also a cute Country Store which sells the orchard’s other products like preserves, etc.
  • The views are stunning when you go to the higher parts of the orchard so when you go uphill, make sure you look back and take it all in.Fall HillFall Trail View Better
  • You pay for your ‘harvest’ before you exit the property where they also inspect your vehicle for any hidden apples. You can also buy half gallon jugs of cold apple cider there for $3.95.
  • The staff are all very friendly!

Our last fall activity stop of the day was at Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery. Warwick Winery BetterWhen we arrived, it was a party scene on the patio with live music and everyone was singing and dancing along. It was a little intimidating for a family trip but we went straight to the outdoor tasting tent for their wine tasting, which was a really good deal:  $5 gets you 5 tastings and a wine glass. You can’t beat that anywhere! I personally liked the ciders, white wines, and their Black Currant cordial but did not care for their red wines. Our pourer was also friendly and explained what to expect from each tasting. Walking around, we didn’t see any vineyards so the wines must be made on another property. They also have apple orchards but the season ended in October so we did not get to try those. I would also like to try the other orchards that have flowers and vegetables to pick earlier in the season. All the more reason to come back next year! Orange Tree

How about you, any last fall adventures you went on? I would love to hear about them!