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Ringing in the New Year with my jingling bangles!  Scorpio Constellation Bangle from Julie Nolan Jewelry, Bangles with Crown charm and Clover charm from Alex & Ani

Ringing in the New Year with my jingling bangles, all from loved ones! Scorpio Constellation Bangle from Julie Nolan Jewelry, Bangles with King’s Crown charm and Four Leaf Clover charm from Alex & Ani

Happy New Year! We were given a fresh layer of snow this morning with an imminent threat of a snow storm this evening, but it hasn’t diminished my excitement for this new year. 2013 was good overall, and for me, it was a quiet year of stepping back and taking a good look at the mirror and deciding what to do with my life and how to live it in the best way for myself and for others. Getting older also makes you think about a legacy that you would want to leave this earth someday, so it made me think of causes that are really near and dear to my heart. It’s been a great year of self-learning and now it’s time for a game plan to make it all happen!

My biggest resolution this year is:

Keep It Simple Stupid

Doing this is a challenge for me because I am one of those people who: like doing many things at once and end up starting a few projects and not finishing them all; when vacationing, want to do everything and get exhausted in the process, or when planning a party, always trying to please everyone so there’s an endless struggle on venues and food options. Obviously, this leads to an unnecessarily stressful existence so my goal is to SIMPLIFY:

  • My Home: starting with editing all this “stuff” that we somehow accumulate, paring them down to the ones I absolutely love, and hopefully lessening my constant need for storage solutions. I have actually never thrown a party at my apartment and I think this year is the year when I will make it happen. I may start with baby steps like craft night or a book club.
  • My Relationships: focusing on important relationships in my life, and creating only new meaningful ones that I can actually tend to.
  • My Career: plotting out my next career moves step-by-step with clear, achievable goals. I know I don’t have to be defined by one role or title, but it would be wise to pursue them one at a time. I am greatly inspired by Keija Minor’s story of quitting her successful corporate lawyer job to become an intern at a magazine, and she’s now the Editor-in-Chief of Brides magazine. Check out her story here.
  • My Need to Help Others: I intend to actively pursue opportunities that would directly contribute to causes I feel strongly about: women’s and children’s education in developing countries, and the preservation of cultural traditions in textiles.
  • My Sources of Joy: I am an inherently joyful person with an easy smile, but I intend to pour my energies and really go after activities that make my heart sing. I love to travel, I love art and like being surrounded by it and creating it in all its forms, whether it’s painting, dancing or sketching, and I love sharing my experiences with people so watch out for more posts this year. If you want to be inspired to pursue your joy, check out Jill and Kyla’s “Our Wild Abandon” adventure. These two friends are from Vancouver who literally left everything to travel in their trailer all around the US and we can travel with them via Instagram.

If you need some inspiration on what else you can do better this year, check out the following links:

Illustrated by Sydney Hass via Refinery 29

Illustrated by Sydney Hass via Refinery 29

Get Your Life Together, Finally

20 Tips to Change Everything in 2014

I got my inspiration from these to start a simple project this year that would encourage me to blog more since I miserably failed at posting everyday during NaBloPoMo. I am calling this 365 Days of Blessings where I would post 3 or more blessings and anything awesome that I came away with from the previous day, each day. It can be my only post for the day or it can end any post I would make. Feel free to do this too if this sounds exciting to you.

Here goes Day One of 365 Days of Blessings:BK Bridge

  1. Watching fireworks and meeting the new year on the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a good mix of celebrating with people yet not freezing to death waiting for the ball drop on Times Square or being annoyed by the crowd.
  2. Talking and spending time with babies! Talking to my 3-month old niece for the first time was beautiful. Yes, it was baby babble, but she was smiling a lot and seemed to like what I was saying. My poor 6-month old nephew is in teething pain so we were distracting him with playing with the dog, and I was trying to soothe him as he was relaxing for a little bit on my lap.
  3. Coming together for a scrumptious family meal, with my mom making her shrimp and cream cheese spring rolls that we all loved but have not seen in years, and seeing everyone happy and healthy on the first day of the year.

How about you, do you have any blessings to celebrate from yesterday?