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Deer HouseDid you know that the Philippines celebrates the longest Christmas season? It’s from September to January. This is my excuse why I still have my tree up, aside from loving the cheerful lights and my singing ornaments and the wonderful smell, and it will stay that way until the Feast of the Three Kings. I did buy some fir-scented Scentsicles so I can keep the aroma of Christmas going way after the holidays are done.

Before we close this season, I just wanted to share my favorite Christmas displays. It’s probably not up anymore, but there’s always next year! This year was the first time I went to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, which all this time unbeknownst to me has the most dazzling display of Christmas lights in the area. Houses actually hire professionals to do their Christmas lights (that’s when I’ll know I’ve made it someday), and there is an unspoken sort of competition here. I had no idea how big of a deal this was until my friends and I saw some tour buses in the area, and it was pretty crowded. It was freezing, sure, but it really put me in the spirit of Christmas. Enjoy the photos!

There are also some adorable Christmas displays that I loved like the Bloomingdales Windows of the World that had themes inspired by a different country. I think I am inspired to create some textile collections on each.

Here’s the Nutcracker-inspired displays at Ralph Lauren, all done by Sarah Jane Studios:Lady Singing RL Nutcracker Window RL Ballerina Window RL

Gorgeous architectural details of the Ralph Lauren across the street.

Gorgeous architectural details of the Ralph Lauren across the street.

Before I go, here’s Day Two of my 365 Days of Blessings:Hot Choco for 2

1. Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows on a snowy morning is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures.

2. A conversation with a friend about an upcoming party turned into a conversation about what I can do next to get closer to my career goals. I’ve signed up for 3 upcoming trade shows this month and I’m very excited!

3. Watching an adorable video of my little nephew jumping his little heart out on a doorway jumper is pretty much a milestone!

4. I have created a Facebook page for this blog, where I will post all the random links I love reading, and any interesting tidbits that don’t need a full blog post here. It is a blessing because it symbolizes the next step I am taking for this blog and putting myself out there. Now, I guess I should invite all my family and friends to the party…

Have a warm and safe weekend everyone!

Snow on Windowsill

My snowy windowsill