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Mitten PatternI’m at it again! I joined the Mittens Gift Wrap contest on Spoonflower and I am quite happy about my design. Winter and the holidays make me think of Charlie Brown and Snoopy so I knew I wanted to do something reminiscent of that style. I looked up some Snoopy art color ways, then digitally drew my motifs using my trusty Wacom pen tablet, and played with the colors and configurations on Photoshop. If you like it, show me your appreciation by voting for my design here and to take a look at the other fun designs from other fabulous designers. It’s always exciting for me to see what the other designers come up with, and the designer community there is very supportive that’s why I keep coming back. You only have until tomorrow morning to vote so please, pretty please, check it out! I think it would be awesome to have a collection of very unique gift wrap for holiday presents this year, so see if anything catches your fancy on Spoonflower.

Thanksgiving is upon us this week along with a nasty rainstorm threatening my neck of the woods. I consider myself very lucky to have family close by and to not have to think about flying or driving somewhere far this year. I am also very glad to hear that in light of the storm, some airlines like Delta and Jetblue are being proactive and are offering free modifications to passengers so they can leave ahead of the storm, and hopefully avoid delays in the next two days. Now THAT’s the holiday spirit!Thankful for what you escapeThis Thanksgiving week, in addition to the blessings that I am grateful for, I thought it would be interesting and important to also be thankful and think about all that I have escaped:

  • I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams, and also thankful that I was able to save up and escape the need to take just any kind of job.
  • I am grateful for having the daily necessities like food and shelter, and thankful that I escape hunger or cold, and that I am able to help those who are not as lucky.
  • I am grateful for my husband’s motorcycle that enables us to freely spend time with both sides of our families on major holidays, and grateful that we escape having to choose which side of the family we will have to spend the holidays with.
  • I am grateful for the exhilarating experience of being on a motorcycle, feeling that you are closer to nature’s beauty and smells, and I am also thankful to have escaped a few potential disasters on that bike, and that my husband’s reflexes and our guardian angels have always prevailed.
  • I am grateful for my new nephew who continues to delight me every time we see each other, and that I have escaped any pee or vomit projectile thus far.

I’m sure I’ll come up with some more additions to my gratitude list in the next couple of days, but I think that’s a good start. How about you, anything you are grateful to have escaped this year?