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1920's Tombstone at St. Raphael Church in Koloa, Hawaii, the oldest church in Kauai.

1920’s Tombstone at St. Raphael Church, the oldest church in Kauai, Hawaii.

Happy Halloween everyone! Things were a bit busy around here that is why I was on a bit of a hiatus. Whether you had your Halloween fun last weekend or you celebrated tonight, I hope you had fun! The NYC Village Halloween parade was cancelled last year because of Hurricane Sandy, but it’s back this year with “Revival” as its theme. Thanks to all the passionate people involved in making this happen and the supporters of the Kickstarter campaign that raised over $56,000! I love a good comeback story and seeing what people can accomplish when everyone pulls together.32be5813-68d5-4b24-9dec-dd654cc48ed6

Speaking of Halloween and what I find spooky, this week I had the opportunity to interview for one of my dream companies. It was a phone interview, something I’ve never done before, so I was definitely nervous. I feel like I do much better in person when I see the interviewer and establish a connection. I was doubly nervous too because it is for a dream job.  It isn’t textile design, BUT it marries my current work experience and my love for textiles.

Beautiful Amalfi Coast hotel overlooking the ocean.

Beautiful Amalfi Coast hotel overlooking the ocean.

So, I spent some time researching a bit about the company, visited its stores, website and sister companies to prep for the interview and drafted what I wanted to cover. That made me feel better and more prepared. I did my best and at this point I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. Let’s hope for good news next week!

I have also committed this week to tackling my scary piles of papers, catalogs and business cards from several lifetimes to free up my studio space and redecorate. It looks a bit daunting but I am determined to have my lilac studio with a chandelier and white shelving. Is this what it means to get older that when you think of scary, it’s no longer zombies and monsters, but interviews, disorganized paperwork, and redecorating?

Image: Sarah Gunn Style via Apartment Therapy. This is an idea of how I would like my studio to look, just more storage.

Image Credit: Sarah Gunn Style via Apartment Therapy. This is an idea of how I would like my studio to look, just more storage and a girlier chandelier.

Finally, it’s Spoonflower design challenge time again! This week’s challenge is to create a 2014 Tea Towel Calendar. I decided to go for a sweet and simple, trompe l’oeil effect lace and gems type of look that can be framed or hung in a girls’-of-all-ages bedroom, or be used in the kitchen for a glam touch.

2014 Sweet Lace & Pearls Calendar

2014 Sweet Lace & Pearls Calendar

There are lots of other fun designs from other designers too, so check them out here and vote on your favorites – hope my design is one of them!