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I hope you are having a good start to the week so far! This morning’s sunrise view at my building’s rooftop was a great way to begin my day, and it’s a small pleasure that I’ve only discovered surprisingly recently, having lived here for many years.  I have been chasing the sunrise whenever I go on vacation, never knowing that I can actually see it everyday, given great cloud conditions of course. Take time to enjoy a small pleasure today, even something as simple as taking a walk to the park, or grabbing a caramel macchiato on the walk back to work. You deserve it!

Today, I am working hard to keep on track with some new designs for the next few design contests, and of course to add some new designs to my Textile Design portfolio. A big THANK YOU goes out to the ones who voted for my Constellations design on Spoonflower last week! I did not win but just having my design up and appreciated by my fellow designers is reward enough for me.

The career transition adventure is a little tough at the moment but I am feeling energized and motivated by the ‘Big Picture’. My Big Picture is to bring a sense of joy and adventure into people’s everyday lives by coming up with special textile collections. I always catch myself smiling in appreciation and get an instant mood boost whenever I see my throw pillows covered with my favorite fabric, or when I see someone wearing a dress with an exuberant print. That is how I want people to feel about my fabric designs.

Life is Made Up of Small Pleasures

With that goal in mind, I am working on building up a series of mini successes, so I will start sharing some designs I do everyday, as inspired by the #365 Patterns on Caravan Shoppe, and put up my top 3 favorites each week.  This will definitely help keep me on track, and hopefully, inspire some of you to work on mini successes of your own. Be it learning a new skill in Photoshop, organizing an area of your home, or just finally putting up that wall decal that you’ve been meaning to do, it’s all worth celebrating!