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As the weather gets cooler, I am looking at more time indoors and it’s the best time to focus on DIY projects. If you are a print lover and would like to create your own fabrics for projects, then check out:

It’s an amazing website that lets anyone, whether a textile designer or not, create their own textiles by printing out the designs on fabrics of your choosing. They have a good amount of both design and fabric choices, and while not inexpensive, it lends your projects that special touch because, either you can make your own, or you can pick some unique and cool designs uploaded by the Spoonflower designer community.  It is still way cheaper and easier than finding a big manufacturer to produce your design, and they have order minimums so, more often than not, this is not an option.

I have been obsessed with this website of late, and I am using it as one of the ways to gain exposure and build up my portfolio in my quest to become a bona fide textile designer. Their weekly contests are a fun and great way to create new designs, so you never really “lose” because you would always walk away with a design that you can add to your portfolio. I have not ordered swatches of my designs yet because I am looking to beef up my collections but I plan to order a bunch of them and after that happens, it’s open for sale to the public.

I have entered my design below to the Constellation contest for this week, and if you like it, please vote for my design. You can also vote for as many designs you like so give it a whirl, have fun looking and be inspired! Voting ends tomorrow, Wednesday, 10/2 at 12pm EST and you can vote here.

Constellations in Color entry to the Spoonflower Constellations Challenge

Constellations in Color entry to the Spoonflower Constellations Challenge